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What do you get when you combine Hotline Miami, Limbo and Super Crate Box?

Na konci roku 2014 jsem vytvořil svoji první hru, Teeth, a vydal ji na platformě itch.io, kde jsou primárně uvedeny informace o hře a je zde volně ke stažení.

Teeth is a game about a lonely fighter in a world that is dark and full of terrors. He has to find the creature, who orchestrated all of this - the enemies trying to kill him and the world full of traps - and KILL IT. Indeed, only a few Chosen ones managed to do so. Will you be the next One?

The game feautures physics (falling blocks can kill enemies or cause barell explosions), ricocheting bullets - be careful, you can even kill yourself. You can get achievements for various kind of kills, and you also compete with other players in global highscores.

There are also stats after each game, in an "elevator" to another level, so you can see how you did compared to others.

P.S. The game has a hidden collectable usable easter egg. I would start looking in the menu section.

The game also features soundtrack from Gaden Rhoss, Allias, Kevin MacLeod and more explosively good artists.